Do Exams Really Measure Intelligence?


Is the modern practice of test-taking ideal for gaining knowledge of topics? There are multiple choice, essays, true/false sections, etc. Are there better ways of learning topics and retaining them? 

Most high schools these days use some form of multiple choice in tests, quizzes, and other exams. The students’ answers depend on the wording of the question rather than depending solely on knowing the topic completely. Sometimes, a guessed answer c
ould be correct. These types of tests do not promote free thinking and do not work the brain enough. These tests require a type of memorization that is rarely long-term.

I think teachers should have students write essays connecting the majority of the concepts learned into one area. This could potentially increase the difficulty of the tests but will simultaneously help memory retention of the concepts.


A Setback Is a Setup for a Comeback – Unknown

Don’t allow setbacks to derail your dreams. A setback is not an excuse to throw in the towel on yourself, your goals are too important, your better life is still possible, keep moving forward! I like the analogy of riding a bike.  When you were learning to ride a bike for the first time and […]

How to Improve Productivity to Have More Free Time


Smart Work, Not Hard Work

The concept of focused efforts is that people gain more out of their work if they apply it efficiently than if they generally work hard.

Let’s say you are planning a vacation: 


There are many ways to start the process of planning a vacation that are either efficient or not.

  1. With 5 hours, you could spend time looking through old forums from 10 years ago, searching for reviews of a particular destination. 
  2. With 2 hours, you could look through well-established websites and verifiable reviews of various destinations and get much more reliable information.

The difference between these two is that one is hard work with unimpressive results and the other is efficient work with much more meaningful results with less time spent.

In the battle between focused effort and general ‘hard work’, focused effort always wins.

Sanders and Clinton Agree: “Enough of the Emails”

Enough of the emails. Let’s talk about the real issues facing America

-Bernie Sanders
Clinton is not the only one fed up with the obsession of emails. Source:

How many articles have been constantly bickering over Clinton’s emails? Far too many.


Everyone knows that politicians often have something to hide and Clinton is definitely not an exception. She is widely believed by many to be dishonest and hypocritical with her words and actions, but should we really focus on an investigation of ONE candidate while there are many other candidates trying to run for president? Continue reading

An Unbiased Look at Gun Control


This image represents a conservative viewpoint in which stricter gun control left the law-abiding citizen defenseless. The opposite viewpoint is that stricter gun control gives only the most responsible citizens access to weapons and makes for a safer society. Both viewpoints have their merits and flaws.

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